Traffic Offences

Facing traffic charges can be a frightening experience – especially if the offence carries a severe penalty such as a prison sentence. Even a more minor offence can cause great aggravation if there’s a possibility that you may lose your licence.

We can provide you with advice and representation in relation to any traffic offence, whether you need to fight a penalty notice or more serious charges.

Here are the key traffic offences. Our quick tips also provide more information.

Radar / Lidar Speeding Offences

If you have been detected speeding, chances are police used radar or lidar (hand-held detection) equipment. This equipment is often used in breach of operational guidelines or may be faulty, meaning that a conviction cannot be secured.

More information about Radar / Lidar Speeding Offences

Speed Camera Offences

If you have been caught on a fixed speed camera, you may wish to contest the offence based on whether somebody else was driving your vehicle, or some other circumstance, including the accuracy of the speed camera.

More information about Speed Camera Offences

Negligent driving

You may be charged with this offence if you are found to have driven in a manner not consistent with how a "reasonably prudent" driver would have in the same circumstances. This offence usually results in an infringement notice and the loss of several demerit points.

More information about Negligent driving offences

Negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) or death

This is a much more serious charge, which you may face if your driving has resulted in serious injury or death to another person. If convicted, possible penalties include a prison sentence.

More information about Negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) or death offences

Furious driving, reckless driving, driving in a manner or at a speed dangerous

Being charged with this offence is likely to mean that your driving was dangerous, but that you avoided causing any injury to others.

More information about Furious driving, reckless driving, driving in a manner or at a speed dangerous offences

Dangerous driving causing death

In order to charge you, police must establish that your driving caused the death of another person through various criteria, such as whether you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This offence carries severe penalties – including a prison sentence of up to 14 years in some cases.

More information about Dangerous driving causing death offences

Fail to stop and give assistance in an accident involving death or injury

If you are involved in an accident and you know or suspect that somebody has been hurt or possibly even killed, it is important that you stay to render assistance and to help emergency services with their enquiries.

More information about Fail to stop and give assistance in an accident involving death or injury offences

Street racing and hoon offences

Since 2012, NSW Police have been able to apply roadside sanctions for street racing, aggravated burnout, engaging in a police pursuit (Skye’s Law) or speeding in excess of 45km/h. If you are charged with one of these offences, your licence can immediately be suspended, or your number plates confiscated.

More information about Street racing and hoon offences

Unlicenced driving

This offence is fairly self-explanatory, although a distinction may be drawn between drivers who are unlicenced for the type of vehicle, are temporarily disqualified or have never held a licence.

More information about Unlicenced driving offences

Drive while suspended

It is up to a court to decide whether you will have a criminal conviction recorded against you if you drive a car while your licence is suspended. The main factor will be an assessment of your driving history and any previous offences.

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Drive while disqualified

If you drive after your driver’s licence has been disqualified, you may be charged with this offence. Penalties include a fine, and potentially prison if your driving record is poor.

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Red Light Cameras

Red Light Cameras (also known as red light speed cameras ) are used to detect drivers who fail to stop at a red traffic light, The penalty ticket can include three (3) demerit points (which can mean the potential loss of your drivers license) and a substantial fine.

More information about Red Light Camera offences

Unregistered vehicles

Although this does not seem like a serious offence, if your vehicle is unregistered and you are involved in an accident, your compulsory third party insurance is most likely invalid.

More information about Unregistered vehicles offences (Coming Soon)

Drive uninsured

If your car is uninsured, anybody injured in an accident may not be covered and you may be called upon personally to make up any shortfall, as well as potentially paying a fine.

More information about Drive uninsured offences (Coming Soon)

Driving with mobile phone

If you are in any way holding your phone while you are driving you may have committed this offence, which now attracts the loss of four demerit points.

More information about Driving with mobile phone offences (Coming Soon)

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