Speed Camera Lawyers

Nyman Gibson Miralis win more speed camera cases than any other firm in New South Wales. The main reason for this is that we are the lawyers that developed the defences to speed camera prosecutions.

Our traffic law specialists have taken the RTA to the Supreme Court and won, setting a precedent that is applied in Local Court prosecutions.

In fact, our firm is so well known in speed camera defence cases that the RMS (formerly known as the RTA) engage private lawyers to prosecute drivers and have taken this role away from the traditional role of the police prosecutor at significant expense – think of millions of dollars per year of taxpayer funds!

We achieved outstanding results for thousands of motorists prosecuted over the Lane Cove Tunnel fiasco or the infamous King Georges Road Speed Cameras where people were prosecuted despite a distinct lack of signage regarding the placement of speed cameras and the declaration of an extended school zone. Well over ten thousand speeding infringement notices were withdrawn.

Nyman Gibson Miralis has speed camera specialists and traffic offence experts who defend speeding matters on a daily basis. We have gained an enviable reputation for our meticulous preparation and advocacy skills in relation to speed camera, radar and lidar matters.

Now that mobile speed cameras and red light speed cameras are so common, it is even more important to make sure that you protect your rights.

You will not always win against a speed camera prosecution, but we can advise you on your chances of success and if there is any unfairness involved.

Speed Cameras FAQs

I Received 2 Speed Camera Infringements on the same road – fair or not?

Not fair – if it is the same course of driving involved, then there should only be one penalty. We acted for a driver who received 2 infringement notices for speed cameras on the same stretch of road on a double demerit points weekend – despite his clean prior record he risked losing his licence. Aware of the issues, we challenged the second infringement notice.