Sydney NSW

Is NSW the cocaine capital of Australia?

The latest quarterly report from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) shows that cocaine possession in NSW has increased by more than 40% over the last two years, with BOCSAR executive director Dr Don Weatherburn claiming that Sydney’s inner city and eastern suburbs were responsible for about 60% of the increase.



What are the hidden Dangers of Sexting?

Many young people and in particular teenagers, do not understand the potential dangers and long term consequences of ‘sexting’. What may appear to be a flirtatious exchange between a young couple can be viewed as a serious offence in the eyes of the law.


NSW driver disqualification laws

What are the New Laws for NSW Drivers?

New driver disqualification laws in NSW were announced on 27 October 2017 with an aim to better protect the community and to keep repeat offenders and dangerous drivers off the roads.


NSW Justice Reforms

NSW Criminal Justice System Reforms Pass Parliament

On 18 October 2017 the NSW Parliament passed new legislation as part of its transformational reforms to the NSW criminal justice system. Dubbed ‘Safety First Reforms’, these changes fundamentally shift the landscape in the criminal justice system.


Australia's newly proposed Encryption Laws

Will the New Encryption Laws Expose Criminals, or the Public’s Privacy?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced the Federal Government’s new laws that will oblige both telcos and social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to give Australian security agencies access to encrypted messages, to ‘ensure that the rule of law applies online as well as offline’, as stated by Turnbull. Many people are asking whether…


Signing Bail Conditions

Bail Dilemmas: Who Could be Freed on Bail in 2016?

In 2014, Steven Fesus, who was awaiting trial on a murder charge, was granted bail by the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney following a successful application made by his lawyer Dennis Miralis. Community outrage and a media frenzy followed – after all, he’d allegedly confessed to the crime which occurred some 16 years earlier, had…