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Nyman Gibson Miralis is a leading criminal defence law firm in Sydney, specialising in matters investigated by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), the NSW Crime Commission, and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).


Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) combats corruption offences in NSW. This includes situations where a NSW public official abuses their official role, and where another person influences an official to abuse their role.

The ICAC has powers similar to those of a Royal Commission and can compel witnesses to testify in both public and private hearings.

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National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) works to combat serious corrupt conduct involving Commonwealth public officials.

The NACC is empowered by legislation to conduct investigations into relevant corruption issues such as a public official’s abuse of office or breach of public trust.

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NSW Crime Commission

The NSW Crime Commission investigates serious criminal activities such as murder, drug supply, firearms dealing, and money laundering. The Commission has the most far-reaching powers of any law enforcement body in the state.

The NSW Crime Commission has the power to issue search warrants, conduct examination hearings, and to compel the production of information and documents.

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Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC)

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), formerly the Australian Crime Commission, is a specialist national criminal intelligence agency that focuses on reducing the impact of serious and organised crime on Australia and the Australian economy.

It is empowered by statute to conduct special investigations and operations where conventional law enforcement methods cannot be employed.

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How can we help you?

We provide expert advice and representation in cases investigated by the ICAC, the NSW Crime Commission, and the ACIC. We can represent you at hearings and inquiries and ensure the protection of your rights, such as the right against self-incrimination.

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