Traffic Offender Intervention Program (TOIP or TOP)

We have accredited specialists in criminal law and traffic experts who lecture at the various Traffic Offender Programs. For more information on the Program and how it can help you, contact one of our Traffic Intervention Program Lecturers for 24/7 advice.

Our TOIP Lecturers:

Mina Wassef (Parramatta office)

Solicitor – 0450 219 421

Rajiv Baldeo (Sydney office)

Lawyer – 0435 820 393


What Is The Traffic Offender Intervention Program Course About?

The Traffic Offender Intervention Program (TOIP) is a course held over 8 weeks, normally for a 2 hour lecture each week on various topics including: The Legal System; Substance Abuse (alcohol and other drugs); Organ Donation; Victims of Traffic Accidents; Defensive Driving; Sentencing Options and a very memorable and sobering lecture from the NSW Ambulance Service. The cost is generally around $120 at present

The aim of the TOP is reinforce that holding a driver’s licence is a privilege and not a right and to send a very strong reminder of the consequences of bad driving and poor decisions.

At the completion of the Course, a Certificate is sent to the sentencing Court.

The Court can accept that the ‘offender’ has gained insight into their offending behaviour and will hopefully change their ways so that they never come back before the Court.


Who Is Eligible to Attend the TOP?

The Court will often require a person facing serious driving offences, such as drink driving, DUI, drug driving, manner dangerous, speed dangerous, burnout, disqualified driving, suspended driving, cancelled driving, exceed speed by more than 30km/h or more than 45km/h, PCA, street racing, dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm, negligent driving causing death or grievous bodily harm and P platers who have incurred points loss.

We often recommend that our traffic clients attend the Program. It took some Local Court Magistrate’s years to recognize the importance of the TOP and finally it has been enshrined in legislation. The potential benefits of attending the Program have also been recognized by the Court of Criminal Appeal in the Guideline Judgment for High Range Drink Driving, acknowledging that the course may have educational value; that there is a degree of humiliation for the people that have to attend the course; and that the ‘offender’ may be made to appreciate the consequences of their conduct.

Participation in the Program itself will not give rise to offences sich as High Range Drink Driving being dismissed under Section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencingt Procedure) Act, however it may impact upon the ultimate fine and period of disqualification imposed.