What is transnational criminal law?

International and Transnational Criminal LawTransnational criminal law is criminal law that transcends national boundaries incorporating offences that directly or indirectly affect more than one country. At the UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime 2000, Article 3(2) defined an offence as transnational if:

  1. It is committed in more than one state; or
  2. It is committed in one state but a substantial part of its preparation, planning, direction or control takes place in another state; or
  3. It is committed in one State but involves an organised criminal group that engages in criminal activities in more than one state; or
  4. It is committed in one State but has substantial effects in another state.


How can Nyman Gibson Miralis assist you?

Our Sydney criminal lawyers have developed expertise in working internationally to protect the rights of those who are exposed to punishment both in Australia and other jurisdictions and are able to advise on the most appropriate legal strategy to ensure that due process is followed in accordance with the rule of law, including the observance of human rights.

Transnational/international criminal law is complex and requires the assistance of lawyers skilled both in its practice and procedure and unique dynamics.

As Australia’s leading firm of transnational / international criminal lawyers we have acquired expertise in complex transnational investigations and prosecutions.

Working collaboratively with law firms in foreign jurisdictions we strive to ensure that all aspects of transnational investigations, (which  often mean multiple agencies investigating an individual) do not unfairly prejudice the basic rights to a fair trial and the human rights of those being investigated.

Our areas of expertise in transnational / international criminal law include:

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