Nyman Gibson Miralis has traffic law experts who can advise you whether or not the speeding ticket that you received was issued correctly or fairly.

We know the Australian Standards and the contents of the New South Wales Highway Patrol manual – it seems that some police officers do not!

There are many circumstances and situations where both Radar and Lidar are NOT to be used – yet time and time again we see people prosecuted.

Highway Patrol vehicles now have in car video which records video images and audio content. There are rules about how and when these officers are to use the in car video – but we have been able to demonstrate that many officers have failed to follow these basic rules.

We have successfully demonstrated in court that where the NSW Highway Patrol officers have failed to follow their own guidelines the evidence that has been obtained is unreliable resulting in the prosecution being dismissed, sometimes with costs being paid to the accused person by the police.

The guidelines are there to protect motorists and to ensure that radar tickets that are issued to motorists are valid. Our traffic lawyers know the guidelines.

If Highway Patrol officers are breaching their own rules then they can’t expect the Courts to believe that the evidence is accurate and reliable.

Speeding Offences FAQs

Can Police Use Radar or Lidar Anywhere at Anytime?

No. There are situations where the police cannot legally use radar or lidar – for example when it is raining, on a gradient, on a bend and many more. Contact us for advice on your matter.