I have been meaning to thank you however my workload  has been extremely heavy.

I appreciate all the effort you have put into my case at such short notice. Just to recap – my case was dropped by another expert solicitor right at the last hour. My last day for appeal was Wed 4th November. On the morning of that day the solicitors who were engaged with me for 3/4 weeks prior, advised me that they didn’t think I had a chance of getting off and decided to tell me that they didn’t wish to waste my money. Guess that’s a polite way of saying “see you later”

You on the other hand responded with amazing speed and professionalism at 3.40 PM the same day – in understanding and assessing my situation, getting appeal docs completed and lodged on time – all within say 18 minutes. You displayed amazing empathy in handling my case. You represent your company very professionally, I wish there were more professionals such as yourself.

Thank you so much

– RS


I was charged with high range drink driving, there were a number of aggravating features (0.253 reading and a collision) and I had a previous mid range, drive whilst suspended and exceed speed of >45km/h

I really thought I was going to gaol.

Instead my solicitor persuaded the magistrate that a community service order was the right thing to do. The magistrate gave me 300 hours community service and 2 years disqualification – no fine and quashed the habitual offender declaration.

Hey, 300 hours equals 8 hours per week for 9 months! Good work!

Thank you for working with me on my case, you’re a star!

– B


Dear Phil

Thank you very much for your representation. Although we had some undesirable delays, the most valuable thing was that you were able to secure two of the most reputable appeals Senior Counsels.

Tim did a magnificent job. Regardless of the outcome I am satisfied that we made the most of the opportunity to have my sentence re-evaluated.

You probably already know this, but you have a wonderful assistant in Katy. I want to say a special thanks to her. She was a fantastic support throughout the process.

Once again thank you for your representation. I will try and wait patiently for the CCA’s result.

– NP

Thank you for having your solicitor represent me. He is an exceptionally confident and professional young man. He was absolutely great to work with and he achieved an outstanding result against the odds.


Dear Philip,

I am writing to express my thanks and gratitude for the quality of representation received in my matter, from my initial ‘helpline’ contact with you to discuss the matter, through to my dealings with your solicitor.

I have to say that I was impressed with the empathy, depth of knowledge and willingness to hear my legal problem received from you, and impressed again by the quality of service and successful representation received from my lawyer.

I found the ability to receive an early estimation of costs useful in arranging my budget and encouraging efficiency and objective focus in the conduct of my matter from all concerned including myself.

I must say I am most impressed with your solicitor, his manner in dealing with myself as client and his knowledge, capacity, maturity and confidence in dealing with the Court and processes. I perceive a young man with exceptional talent, a bright future and a fruitful position in a well managed, innovative and customer focussed firm.

It has been a pleasure to have dealt with your solicitor, yourself, Elizabeth and your firm in this matter and I have no hesitation in making my opinion known.

We were successful in achieving our desired outcome and I thank your solicitor and all concerned for that success.

I would be most pleased to consult and if necessary be represented by your firm or via your solicitor should I have need of legal service in the future.

Finally, my thanks, gratitude and praise for your assistance in this matter, particularly that of the lawyer with whom I am greatly impressed.   An elevating experience to have engaged with you.



Court :                       Blacktown Local Court

Represented by:        Solicitor / criminal defence lawyer

Thank you for having your solicitor represent me.  He was very professional and is an exceptionally confident young man.  He was absolutely great and a real nice guy to go with it.  He achieved an outstanding result against the odds.

Whilst I consider myself as an individual whom has a reasonably mature skill set pertinent to being able to articulate events in a succinct fashion, when it comes to my appreciation and admiration of your collective efforts in dealing with my matter I am at a loss for words.

From the time I met with both of you, you have only treated me with the utmost respect; sympathy and empathy. Your preparation of my matter can only be described as incredibly meticulous; your attention to detail was simply phenomenal. Your commitment in keeping me abreast of developments was superb.

As this was the first time in my life I had ever faced such an adversity and sincerely believe and truly hope I will never in my life come ever to have to face a year similar to the one that has just passed. If however I was to face a misfortunate again, or knew of any person facing the challenges I faced I would insist they seek the assistance of Nyman Gibson Miralis, but more importantly the assistance of the solicitors I worked with directly.

The outcome was simply brilliant, a brilliant outcome as a direct result of having a brilliant legal team on my side!

On behalf of my family and I, thank you – you are both simply wonderful people, and each in your own right a credit to your profession.

Getting a section 10 for High Range Drink Driving was a massive achievement. You said it was a big ask but not impossible, you never gave up on trying your hardest to get it & you got it. The research and detail in your submissions was amazing. You have one of the most positive ‘can do’ attitude’s I have seen in any business. I will certainly be recommending you & your firm to anyone that has a Criminal problem.

This client came to us after being represented by another lawyer in the Local Court and receiving a heavy fine and lengthy disqualification as well as a criminal conviction. The potential outcome was an automatic disqualification period of 3 years, a fine of up to $3,300 and the possibility of imprisonment. By dismissing the matter under Section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act, the client avoided a conviction, kept his licence and received no penalty. Outcomes like this are rare following the Guideline Judgment for High Range Drink Driving – but not impossible.

There was so much I wanted to say to you yesterday after our great outcome in court, but I think I was so overcome with emotion and relief that some things went unsaid. To be caught up in a legal situation for the first time in my life was not only frightening but knowing that if things went bad for me the consequences would have been harrowing.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gentle care and kindness, your genuine desire for a positive outcome and your obvious skill in making this a reality. You are an amazingly impressive young woman and I thank God I had the fortitude and good luck to choose you to represent me. I feel stongly that the correct decision was made and I can now look forward to the future with my dignity and my license intact. Again I sincerely thank you for your expert professionalism and your nerves of steel! I’m so grateful to have found you and I know in my heart that if my friends or family were ever unfortunate enough to find themselves in similar circumstances, I will be able to recommend a star.



You are a legend. As a professional driver, I am totally dependent upon my licence. Eventhough I had 8 hours sleep after drinking the night before, I was genuinely surprised that I had any alcohol in my system. I have learnt a valuable lesson. Your guidance and reassurance helped me through this difficult time as well as the robust manner in which you presented my case. Thanks again for saving my life.

Special range carries the same penalties as low range drink driving – 6 months automatic disqualification and a fine of up to $1,100 plus a criminal conviction. Alcohol takes time to be eliminated from your body. Many people get caught for drink driving the morning after a big night out. We were able to show that this was a genuine miscalculation and an honest mistake.

In your recent statement including the final invoice for the matters before the District Court hearing, you stated that the outcome was excellent. I agree.

To you, I would like to express my gratitude for the confidence you displayed in my case from the start.

Although the result in the North Sydney Magistrate’s Court was not great, you immediately urged me to appeal to the District court and obtained a very favourable outcome.

For this judgment of yours, I will be forever grateful.

Thanks for the confidence you expressed in my case from the outset and for assisting with the excellent outcome.

I wish you well in your future endeavours before the bench.

TN 02/11

Thank you for your expert representation. I have learnt my lesson.

Drug Driving carries an automatic disqualification period of 6 months and a fine of up to $1,100 plus a criminal conviction.

In this case, smoking cannabis 2 weeks earlier left a traceable amount of delta THC detectable in the client’s saliva. The minute amount meant that it could not possibly have affected the driving. However, this law is not about whether the drug is affecting the driving – but more about detecting people who use drugs and later drive – even days or weeks (in some cases) later. Some people find this law a bit strange – the government allows people to use a heroin injecting room without criminalising the use, yet penalises people who are not affected by drugs. Work that out?

Dear Sirs,

I wish to thank you for the services of your firm with respect to a matter heard yesterday at Sutherland Court.

I retained Nyman Gibson Miralis to represent me on a recent DUI charge. I cannot speak highly enough of the expertise and service provided to me by Bridget Barnett.

While the outcome was a conviction, I was prepared for this. Bridget put all her efforts into preparing a submission that may convince the magistrate that discretion would be appropriate, however we knew our chances were slim. Her submission was well prepared and the magistrate did consider her argument. The outcome could have been far worse.

Please commend Bridget for her manner & attitude to ensuring the process was a smooth one. It is unnerving appearing in court, particularly when you have a lot to lose as I did. It would have been a lot more so had Bridget not been the type of person she is. I was grateful to have her there.

Both she and Mina took the time to stay with me for half an hour following the hearing to await the bond paperwork. It is this kind of service that would lead me to recommend your firm to anyone.

I wish you and your team all the best.

Warm Regards,

JC, Rydalmere

If your solicitor is any indication of the calibre of people and calibre of work done at Nyman Gibson Miralis, then it really is a fantastic firm.

For him to have done what he did, I know he must of put in hours and hours of work.

In recent years I have been turned off lawyers however with this lawyer’s experience, I now think much better of lawyers.

Thanks very much for your help and time. We both had a win. I’ve decided as a sign of respect for your work that I will not tell any more lawyers jokes for the two years of my bond (Section 10).

The case against this client was dismissed without a conviction being recorded. Accordingly, the happy client kept their licence. The potential penalty included a fine of up to $1,100 and an automatic period of disqualification of 6 months as well as a criminal conviction.

I’m writing to say a very big thank you for your support and representation in my recent action in the court in relation to a charge of driving whilst my licence was disqualified. You did an amazing job in handling the matter and preparing me for court and did an even better job of eliminating as much anxiety as possible at a time that was very stressful for me. The prospect of being off the road for 2 years was indeed daunting but after your examination of the facts you provided me with the reassurance that I had a good chance of being cleared.

Disqualification periods for a driving whilst disqualified with a previous major offence or an offence of disqualified driving, cancelled driving or suspended driving are a mandatory minimum of 2 years as well as a fine of up to $5,500 and the potential of 2 years imprisonment.

I was charged with high range drink driving, there were a number of aggravating features (0.253 reading and a collision) and I had a previous mid range, drive whilst suspended and exceed speed of >45km/hI really thought I was going to gaol.Instead my solicitor persuaded the magistrate that a community service order was the right thing to do. The magistrate gave me 300 hours community service and 2 years disqualification – no fine and quashed the habitual offender declaration.Hey, 300 hours equals 8 hours per week for 9 months! Good work!Thank you for working with me on my case, you’re a star!


My wife and I would like to thank you for your help with the mid range PCA charge at the Downing Centre yesterday. The professionalism you showed me at our first meeting gave me the confidence I was in the right hands, at a time when I most needed it as my world came crashing down. Thank you for your direction and your efforts in getting the correct information and material prepared for the court day.

Well done to you. It did not take the Magistrate long to work out who was telling the truth. Love your work.

This offence carries the same penalties as High Range Drink Driving – a fine of up to $3,300 for a first offence, the potential of imprisonment and an automatic disqualification period of 3 years. Police have the right to demand that a person take part in a breath analysis in certain circumstances. Police cannot take an analysis more than 2 hours after the driving. If the police roadside equipment is faulty, they do not have the right to arrest you and demand an analysis. A roadside test in your own driveway is illegal and a consequent breath analysis is therefore also illegal.

I would like to put on record my gratitude to the firm and in particular the level of professionalism shown by your solicitor in this matter.

The decision could have gone either way and I have no doubt that the difference in achieving this positive outcome was her diligence and persistence.

I would be most grateful if you could pass on my comments to the partners of the firm as I believe she should be singled out for commendation in this matter.

I wanted to personally thank you for your help with our son’s charge.

We are delighted and relieved with the result and we are aware that it might not have gone that way without your assistance. Your calm professionalism and realistic explanations throughout this whole process were greatly appreciated

I cannot recall a time in my life that I have felt so out of my depth and at the mercy of a system I have had no experience with whatsoever.

As you know it has been a very difficult time for us as a family over the last few years, and it was heartening to see that taken into account with today’s outcome.

Thank you, we always knew we were in very good hands. 

With sincere thanks on an amazing result!

James, Robert and myself thank you for all your support, hard work and belief during the last two years.
Again – many thanks.

On behalf of my family I would like to express how grateful we are for your professional guidance over the past six months.  In our view you have done a lot of careful and diligent work to get us to such a successful outcome in the charges you have defended for us.

This was a difficult journey for us as a family; made even more challenging with some of the surprises thrown our way in court! Given we are relative outsiders to the legal process, many of these twists and turns felt unfair and stressful – however your guidance throughout, and your quiet confidence, was a great comfort to us.

Whilst I’m sure many of your cases are emotionally charged, you’ll appreciate that one of the most difficult aspects of the court process for us, and in particular our son, was keeping emotions in check and ensuring a level of optimism during periods where the outcome was not clear. Your abilities in court,  the way in which you were able to prepare us before court sessions and also debrief us on next steps were first class.

On reflection, it is clear to us that your role requires a combination of sound professional knowledge as well as an ability to manage people and changing circumstances well. In our experience you deliver both with remarkable ease.

Thanks again and all the very best.

Where do I start? As you know my court matter was drawn out and very protracted. Nonetheless you were always there providing very professional and pragmatic support during a very very difficult trial and time in my life.

Watching you functioning in the court room was both admirable to myself and intimidating to the opposing side, but most importantly I felt you truly believed in my innocence and that, above everything else, above all the professionalism you displayed, above all the extra care you provided, was the thing that made me feel strong and positive.

Having your legal team fully believing in my innocence made everything that much easier, but of course the outcome was very positive and my family and I would like to thank all the fabulous guys at Nyman Gibson Miralis, but especially you, for helping us through this ordeal.

Thank you for your support and the confidence you gave me when representing me at the restitution hearing. I am amazed at the result.

Your professional manner and thoughtful, caring attitude were greatly appreciated given what I have been through over the past few years. You are one of the few people who did not treat me like a criminal. At last, I can get on with my life debt free.

Best wishes

Court : Downing Centre Local Court , Sydney

My husband and I would like to thank you very much for representing our daughter, N, at her recent court case. Though not the greatest of crimes, you gave all your energies in your representation of N which ultimately resulted in her and T being cleared of any wrong doing.

This was the first time I have ever been in court and I can only imagine the panic that N was facing that day. The evening before the trial I had clarified to N and T the fine art of first impressions, correct posture and above all respect for the judge and the court. How dismayed I was to see the conduct of the police officers and the indifference shown by the police prosecutor. I was proud of the way N and T conducted themselves and ultimately I believe the judge could see that as well. I was also impressed on how quickly the judge appraised the situation and his unusual efforts to try and reach a quick resolution on the case.

Anyway, once again, thank you for your help and I sincerely hope that no-one in my family will ever require your assistance in a criminal law matter ever again!!

Kind regards



Well my case was dismissed, what a relief, I like to say thank you to you and your solicitor for all your help and advice.

You both went beyond what was required, especially the solicitor, if he treats all his clients like he has treated me, he really is a real asset to your firm.

Thank you again

SM 06.02.10


Dear Sir,

I am writing to commend your solicitor for his excellent handling of our recent case at the Downing Centre Local Court.

He is diligent, attentive and thorough, as well as being a personable young man. He brings credit to his profession.

I would certainly recommend him to others.

Thank you and best wishes,

JS – 10/10

re my solicitor

It would be natural for this email to be nothing but complimentary in it’s content regarding the services provided by your solcitor in relation to my recently completed matter before the Criminal Courts but I feel that my views are relevant irrespective of the positive outcome which we experienced.

There is no doubt that the presiding judge handed down a sentence that certainly favourably exceeded all our expectations, and in one aspect can be considered as good fortune, but I am a firm believer in ‘you make your own luck’ and for that I have nothing but respect, admiration and praise for my lawyer. My initial decision to appoint your firm as my legal representatives was based somewhat on a ‘gut-feel’ and that comes down to the impressive first impression that your solicitor had with me. This comes down to his forthright, honest and sympathetic approach when I first discussed my plight.

Over the course of the last year, my intuition was clearly justified with the thoroughness, professionalism and pro-active approach undertaken by him in handling my matter. We faced numerous setbacks along the way and it was the proactive approach that he undertook that allowed the obstacles to be mere hurdles rather than roadblocks. It was as a direct result of his efforts, that we were able to reduce the severity of the charges I faced and ultimately eliminate any chance of a custodial sentence.

Aside from providing me with expert legal opinion throughout my proceedings he was also instrumental in directing me to the services of a psychologist, who I believe has had a monumental impact on my psychological growth and assisted in addressing some of the issues that led me to my predicament and also providing me with a pathway to continue my own rehabilitation. Again, this was a direct result of following my lawyer’s advice and the psychologist would agree with me in vouching for the his credibility and professionalism.

I have the upmost respect for him as a solicitor but more importantly as an individual as he genuinely showed an interest in me and I know aside from the professional kudos that the positive legal outcomes brings him it would also give him personal delight. He is a credit to your organisation and has had a enormous impact on my life situation and I look forward to moving my life in a positive direction and the opportunity for me to do so has arisen as direct result.

R 9.2.09

Published 15 Oct 2011

To dearest Philip,

Your help, support, advice and professionalism has meant so much to me…more than you can know.

Along with my heartfelt gratitude comes sincere wishes that you may find a generous share of contentment and joy in and through your life.

Kindest regards always,

BW – August 2010