What is Mid Range Drink Driving / Mid Range PCA?

You may be charged with the offence of Mid Range Drink Driving / PCA (Prescribed Content of Alcohol) if you have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 to less than 0.15. As the name suggests, it is not in the most severe category of drink driving, but the offence still carries a prison sentence as a potential penalty.


What are the penalties for Mid Range Drink Driving / Mid Range PCA?

If you are found guilty of Mid Range Drink Driving / PCA, a criminal conviction may be recorded against your name, unless you are able to successfully seek leniency in accordance with section 10, or you can establish that the breath test was inaccurate.

We can increase your chances of avoiding a conviction by providing legal advice and representation. Our drink driving lawyers have years of experience in successfully defending clients charged with Mid Range Drink Driving / PCA.


Penalties which may be imposed include:

First major offence within 5 years
Maximum fine $2,200
Minimum disqualification 6 months
Automatic disqualification (In the absence of a specific court order) 12 months
Maximum prison sentence 9 months
Second major offence within 5 years
Maximum fine $3,300
Minimum disqualification under Interlock 6 months
Maximum disqualification under Interlock 9 months
Interlock period 2 years
Maximum prison sentence 12 months


In very few cases, the courts will exempt a driver convicted of a second offence from the Interlock program, which means disqualification periods are more severe.


How severe is the charge against you?

While less serious than High Range Drink Driving / PCA, Mid Range Drink Driving / PCA is not an offence to be taken lightly – you can face prison if you are convicted. Having a criminal conviction can affect your employment prospects and even future travel plans. It is therefore important that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible after you have been charged with the offence.


Traffic Offender Intervention Program

If you are charged with a traffic offence, you can elect to participate in this course. The aim is to teach you about general traffic rules, and why it is important to obey the law. Once you have completed the course, a certificate will be sent to the court where your matter will be heard, and is considered when you are sentenced.

More information about Traffic Offender Intervention Program


Interlock program

If you have been found guilty of your second Mid Range Drink Driving / Mid Range PCA offence within five years, you will be ordered to participate in the Interlock program. An Interlock device will be installed in your vehicle for two years after your disqualification ends, and you will be unable to drive if you have any alcohol in your system.

More information about the Interlock program


What happens next with a Mid Range Drink Driving / Mid Range PCA charge?

While there are numerous penalties which could be imposed if you are found guilty of Mid Range Drink Driving / PCA, the outcome of your matter depends on your particular circumstances.

This is why it is so important to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible after you have been charged.

We can help you understand what penalties you may face, and the defences that may be available to you.

Mid Range PCA Drink Driving FAQs

Can We Assist You With Advice To Obtain The Best Result At Court?

Yes. Our solicitors only practice criminal law and We have an accredited specialist in criminal law which includes drink driving matters. We also have lawyers that lecture at the Traffic Offender Program. Go to our lawyer profiles. Whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty, we will advise you of what needs to be done in terms of character references; possible reports to obtain including expert reports, medical reports, psychological or psychiatric report; programs to attend; penalties; anticipated outcomes and much more.

Is The Breath Analysis Reading Accurate?

The analysis is accurate but often does not reveal your blood alcohol concentration at the time of driving. You are charged with having a certain blood alcohol concentration at the time of driving – depending on your drinking history, food intake and many other factors such as the time of your last drink, time of your breath test and time of breath analysis – we can provide you with advice about challenging the reading. It could make a big difference to the outcome of your case – especially if we could demonstrate that you were not driving in the mid range at all!

So It Is Possible That My Breath Reading Was Lower?

Yes. Alcohol takes time to enter your blood system as well as time to be eliminated from your system. It may be the case that recently consumed alcohol that was not absorbed at the time of driving was absorbed at the time of breath analysis giving you a higher reading. It is possible that your reading at the time of driving was legal yet you are facing court for drink driving. If you need expert advice, contact one of our specialists.