Represented by one of our traffic lawyers


Case Facts:

The client received a traffic infringement notice for speeding by more than 30 km/h.  As a consequence of paying the fine, the automatic letter from the Roads and Maritime Authority (RMS) was sent to her advising that her Licence was to be suspended for 3 months.  The client sought advice in relation to reducing the suspension period.  An application was lodgedi n the Local court for a Licence Appeal.


Case Result:

Suspension reduced from 3 months to 1 month

The client had a reasonably good traffic record –a couple of speeding matters here and there over a period of time. This was the first speed on record over 30 km/h. Our traffic experts were able to demonstrate that this incident was out of character and that there was a genuine need for her licence.

We were able to assist the client in being fully prepared to give evidence in the proceedings and to highlight the essential areas that would be of most relevance and concern to the Magistrate.