cyber first aid kit

IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s not-for-profit identity and cyber support service.

Specialist Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors provide support to individuals experiencing identity and cyber security concerns.

A unique recent initiative is the development of the Cyber First Aid Kit, an online tool that will ‘provide you with your very own cyber first aid’.

There are two options to initiate the process with this tool: ‘Symptoms & Diagnosis’ and ‘Prescription & Treatment’.


Symptoms & diagnosis

This option is designed to help you understand what is happening, and what your options are for taking action.

The process is initiated through selection of the most appropriate option, including:

  • I have problems with my device
  • Something has happened with an account of mine
  • A new account has been set up in my name
  • I’ve found out about credit issues
  • I’ve had something lost or stolen
  • Communicated when I don’t think I should have
  • An ID or image of mine has been misused

You are then prompted to provide further information to help get to the root of the problem, and general advice is provided on the next steps to take such as running anti-virus programs, changing passwords and contacting financial institutions. Other more specific advice is also provided, for example in the case of treating a ransomware issue, information is provided about a free service offered by the European Police (EUROPOL) which can search whether they have the “keys” to decrypt one’s files.


Prescription & treatment

This section provides fact sheets and video demonstrations to allow you to further explore topics of relevance, including how to respond to and protect against cyber threats, and how to build cyber resilience.


Need a specialist?

If the information provided in the Cyber First Aid Kit has not adequately solved your problem, you also have the option of ‘referring yourself to a specialist’. After a brief online form is completed, an Identity & Cyber Security Counsellor will get back to you to work out the best way to respond to the issue.

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