What is Cybercrime?

Today’s digital age has not only introduced new technologies and created new ways of doing things; it has also resulted in the emergence of a new area of crime where people exploit these technological advances for a Cybercrimecriminal purpose. As a result, a relatively new area of law, called ‘cybercrime’ has developed which attempts to deal with crimes created by the evolution of the digital age.

Cybercrime is niche area of law, which is constantly evolving to ensure that the legal system keeps up with technological advances. At Nyman Gibson Miralis our criminal law experts are up to date with all areas of cybercrime and can provide you with professional advice relating to cybercrime offences.

There are a large variety of offences that fall under the ‘cybercrime’ umbrella. Broadly, these offences can be categorised into two areas:

  1. Crimes that are directed at computers or other devices, such as unauthorised access to data, and interception of data. Often crimes of this nature are what is commonly referred to as computer hacking.
  2. Crimes where computers or other devices are a key component of the offence, such as online fraud, online child abuse offences and cyberstalking.

Australian cybercrime law is constantly evolving to keep up with new threats, often raising complex international jurisdictional questions. Nyman Gibson Miralis review the key cybercrime laws applicable in Australia in the 2019 edition of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Cybersecurity.


How can Nyman Gibson Miralis assist you?

Nyman Gibson Miralis are experts in assisting companies and individuals who are the subject of investigations by the State Police, the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) for suspected cybercrime activities.

The investigation and prosecution of cyber crime is becoming increasingly international with multiple agencies around the world often involved in the process. Individuals and businesses may therefore become the subject of parallel criminal investigations and prosecutions raising complex jurisdictional and procedural issues. By its very nature cyber crime is borderless and therefore the exposure to penalties outside the jurisdiction where an individual or business is physically located is often a real possibility.

Our Sydney criminal lawyers have expertise in dealing with complex national and international cyber crime investigations and advising individuals and businesses of defence strategies that take into account the global nature of cyber crime investigation and criminal litigation. Nyman Gibson Miralis remains steadfast in ensuring the upholding of international law principles which focus on the protection of human rights within a transnational landscape.

Our expertise includes dealing with law enforcement requests for information from foreign jurisdictions, challenging potential extradition proceedings as well as advising and appearing in cases where assets have been restrained and confiscated worldwide.


What we can help with:

  • Malware & phishing offences
  • Computer hacking
  • Computer offences
  • Internet Fraud, Online Fraud, Email Fraud
  • Bootlegging and tripping
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency fraud and seizure
  • Spreading viruses, identify theft
  • DDOS attacks, Botnet

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