Joint International Taskforce on Shared Intelligence and Collaboration

The Joint International Taskforce on Shared Intelligence and Collaboration brings together 42 of the world’s national tax administrations, that have committed to more effective and efficient ways to deal with tax avoidance on a global scale. Members are able to collaborate within the framework of bilateral and multilateral conventions, sharing resources and expertise to address common issues.


How does the taskforce operate?

The taskforce provides tax administrations (ATO in Australia) with an efficient platform for information exchange and collaboration. Best practices for engagement amongst tax administrations are developed, enhancing the quality of interactions and reducing the need for tax administrations to negotiate an engagement framework every time they want to collaborate with another country.

Members must appoint a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) with responsibility for managing the country’s taskforce interactions.


Who are the members?

The taskforce is open to all members of the OECD’s Forum on Tax Administration (FTA). The current members are:

Australia Georgia Japan Russian Federation
Austria Germany Korea Slovak Republic
Belgium Greece Luxembourg Slovenia
Canada Hungary Malaysia South Africa
Chile Iceland Mexico Spain
China India Netherlands Sweden
Czech Republic Indonesia New Zealand Switzerland
Colombia Ireland Norway Turkey
Denmark Israel Peru United Kingdom
Finland Italy Portugal United States
France Romania

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