What are Red Light Cameras?Red Light Camera

Red Light Cameras (sometimes called red light speed cameras) are an automated law enforcement tool in NSW. Failing to stop at a red light, if detected by a Red Light Camera, can land you on the wrong side of the law including three (3) demerit points (which can mean the potential loss of your drivers license) and a substantial fine.

Red-light speed cameras enforce both red-light and speeding offences. As well as detecting vehicles that fail to stop at a red light, they can detect those exceeding the speed limit at all times, no matter the phase of the traffic light.


What happens if I am caught by a Red Light Camera in NSW?

If you have been caught by a red light camera, you will receive an infringement notice (ticket) in the mail. If the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO, which is the fines division of the Office of State Revenue (OSR) has your email and mobile phone details, they will automatically send the payment confirmation or reminder to your email address or a reminder message to your mobile phone number.


Appealing a Red Light Camera fine in NSW

If you want to appeal the red light camera fine or offence, our expert lawyers can negotiate with the NSW Police Force to have the charges dropped.

If they don’t drop the charges, and you want to go to court, your case will go to a defended hearing in the Local Court, where our solicitors can argue your case.


What are the Red Light Camera fines/penalties in NSW?

If you receive a ticket for the offence of “Proceed through red traffic light (camera detected)” in NSW, you may face the following penalties:

Maximum fine $433
Demerit Points 3 (Double demerits
apply for speeding
offences during
long weekends
and holiday

You can find the locations of red light and speed cameras by visiting the RMS web site. In recent years over 160,000 red light camera fines have been issued annually.


Red Light Camera Fine NSW Experts

It’s important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible if you are facing a red light camera offence. Our traffic lawyers can advise you on possible defences and whether you may be able to seek leniency.