INTERPOL team deployed to Moldova

Following the surge of Ukrainian refugees entering Moldova due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the INTERPOL General Secretariat has deployed an Operational Support Team to Moldova.

This initiative comes at the request of Moldova’s INTERPOL National Central Bureau, who requires assistance in areas including human trafficking, migration and border management.


Why is there an increased threat of specific crime types?

While many people have travelled to the Ukrainian border to help refugees, not everyone has good intentions. The conflict has also attracted the attention of criminals who attempt to exploit the vulnerable to increase illicit profits.

INTERPOL has received reports of human traffickers and smugglers waiting at various border control checkpoints to prey on vulnerable populations arriving from Ukraine. Children and unaccompanied minors are especially vulnerable to exploitation by smugglers and traffickers.

Moldova’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Ana Revenco, said “In this period of time, we need the support and assistance that INTERPOL can offer to overcome the challenges and consequences resulting from the region’s evolving situation.”


What support will INTERPOL provide?

The INTERPOL team in Moldova will:

  • Provide field support to law enforcement and humanitarian organisations.
  • Help evaluate the situation on the ground.
  • Provide training, analysis and operational support.
  • Work with national authorities to identify and prevent organised criminals from taking advantage of the crisis.

Jürgen Stock, Secretary General of INTERPOL, said “INTERPOL is proud to stand with law enforcement in Moldova to protect the most vulnerable and will continue our work with other countries to provide an effective response.”

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