ICAC public inquiries

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) occasionally holds public inquiries as part of an investigation, where it is determined that the investigation is a matter of public interest.

All public inquiries are listed on the ICAC website, where the transcripts of proceedings are also provided.


What are some recent examples of ICAC public inquiries?


Canterbury City Council – allegations concerning former councillors and other public officials

The ICAC is investigating allegations concerning the former Canterbury City Council, including whether:

  • Between 2013 and 2016, public officials including former councillors, the former general manager (GM) and former director of city planning, dishonestly exercised their official functions in relation to planning proposals/applications concerning properties in the local area.
  • The former GM dishonestly exercised his official functions in appointing the former director of city planning to the role, and whether the former councillors threatened to cause the termination of the GM’s role unless this appointment was made.


Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council – allegations concerning directors of the board and others

The ICAC is investigating allegations concerning the Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), including whether any public official, being an Awabakal LALC Board director, acted dishonestly and/or in breach of their duty as a Board member in relation to:

  • A scheme involving proposals from 2014 to 2016 for the sale and development of properties (“the Sale and Development Scheme”) owned by the land council.
  • Purporting to retain, or retaining, Knightsbridge North Lawyers or anyone else to act for the land council in respect of the Sale and Development Scheme.
  • Assisting any other person or company in relation to the Sale and Development scheme, and whether any financial or other benefits were received in exchange for this assistance.
  • Engaging in conduct that could be considered corrupt conduct as per the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988.


Corrective Services NSW – allegations concerning officers dishonestly exercising official functions in relation to assault of prisoner

The ICAC is investigating allegations that, on or about 19 February 2014, CSNSW officers based at Lithgow Correctional Centre dishonestly exercised their official functions in relation to an assault of a prisoner including by:

  • Subjecting the prisoner to the use of force which was unwarranted and inappropriate in the circumstances.
  • Colluding to provide a false and misleading account of the reasons for attending the cell occupied by the prisoner and subjecting him to the use of force.
  • Failing to record the use of force via video camera, as required by CSNSW policy and procedures.
  • Destroying, or not maintaining, CCTV footage of the area immediately outside the cell occupied by the prisoner.

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