Liverpool Local Court

Represented by one of our expert traffic lawyers


Case Facts: Client pleaded not guilty to driving in a manner dangerous to the public, negligent driving and exceeding the speed limit over 30km/h. It was alleged by an off duty police officer that the client was speeding at 100km/h on his motor bike while doing a ‘mono’ also known as a wheelie for 100 metres. After conducting the mono it was alleged that the client was grabbing onto foliage on the side of the road while riding his bike.

Case Result: As a result of making representations on behalf of the client, the prosecution accepted that there was not enough evidence to proceed on the drive manner dangerous offence and the negligent driving offence. Client pleaded guilty to exceeding the speed limit above 30km/h and received a fine of $650 and a disqualification of 3 months. The client avoided a disqualification of 3 years and a potential jail term.