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What is Robbery?

Robbery is a crime that involves a number of elements. Firstly, there must be an intention to steal. Secondly there must be some degree of force or threat used to put the victim in fear. Thirdly, the property must be taken from the victim (although it can involve a threat made so that property is taken from another person). The taking of the property is ‘larceny’. Larceny has its own set of essential elements, including the taking or carrying away of property belonging to another person, without claim of right, with an intention to permanently deprive that person of the goods or property.

Other Types of Robbery

There are other types of Robbery including Robbery in Company, Robbery With Wounding, Robbery Whilst Armed. In addition, there are aggravated forms of those offences which carry substantial periods if imprisonment. Some carry standard non parole periods and others are the subject of Guideline Judgments.

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