Dillwynia Correctional Centre (Windsor)

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Street Address: 2 The Northern Road Berkshire Park NSW 2756

Postal Address: Locked Bag 657 South Windsor NSW 2756

Phone: (02) 4582 2528

Fax: (02) 4582 2532

Email: [email protected]

Dillwynia Correctional Centre

Dillwynia Correctional Centre is a maximum-security facility for female offenders. It is part of the Francis Greenway Correctional Complex (formerly John Morony Correctional Complex), which is located 5km south of Windsor.

Being remanded in Dillwynia Correctional Centre

If you are charged with an offence by police and are refused bail by the court, you will be transferred to prison. This is called being “on remand”. You may be placed on remand in Dillwynia Correctional Centre, or any other prison throughout New South Wales.

You will stay on remand until your trial, where your guilt or innocence is determined, or until your sentence hearing. If you are sentenced to full-time prison, you will remain in prison. If you are sentenced to a non-custodial community-based sentence, you will be released.

Visits to Dillwynia Correctional Centre and the right of appeal

If you are held in Dillwynia Correctional Centre or any other prison in New South Wales, you will be provided a Master Index Number (MIN), which is your identifying number. It is important to provide your MIN to your loved ones and to your lawyer so that they can book appointments to visit you.

Nyman Gibson Miralis can arrange a video call, telephone call, or in-person visit to speak with you about your matter and your rights in prison. If you have been convicted of a crime and have received a prison sentence, we can discuss your rights to a criminal appeal. You may be able to appeal the conviction, sentence, or both.

If you have a partner, family member, or friend in Dillwynia Correctional Centre or any other prison throughout NSW and the ACT, we can speak with them and provide legal advice and/or representation. We can also explain to you how to make an appointment to visit or speak with your loved ones in prison.

Your rights in prison

You are entitled to certain rights in prison. These include:

  • Special Management Area Placement – you can be placed in a designated area because your needs or vulnerabilities put you at risk from other inmates.
  • Protective custody – you can be placed in isolation if your personal safety is threatened.
  • Healthcare – you are entitled to basic healthcare services and medical attention at no cost.
  • Age and frailty support – you may be entitled to additional support if you are of advanced age and have difficulty with daily activities.
  • Accommodation – you are entitled to a bed in a cell location that is suitable for you.
  • Searches – you are entitled to not be harassed or agitated whilst being searched by prison officers for the purposes of uncovering prohibited goods.

If these rights or others are violated while you are in prison, you should seek the assistance of an experienced defence lawyer. Nyman Gibson Miralis can advise on ways to rectify these violations and represent you in court.

How can we help you?

Our defence lawyers attend Dillwynia Correctional Centre to consult with clients and ensure that their rights are not violated while in prison, and we have a proven track record of successfully appealing convictions and sentences.

We also attend all other prisons throughout NSW and the ACT.

If you require assistance, contact us on 1300 668 484 or book a free consultation to discuss your case.

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