Case Facts:

A 9 y.o. girl went with her mother to visit her mother’s work colleague. One hour after returning home that evening, the child complained that she had been indecently assaulted. The accused took part in a record of interview where he denied any wrongdoing. The matter proceeded to a defended hearing of the police charges in the local court for multiple counts of indecent assault.


Case Result:

Not guilty. The child had been chastised by the accused for repeatedly going into areas of the house where she had been asked not to go. This appears to have been sufficient motivation for the girl to make a false complaint. The complaint was demonstrated to be false when the girl was cross examined and numerous lies were exposed. For example, she claimed that at one stage she sat down on a bed. The bed in question had been raised to an unusually high height as the accused had a back complaint. It was impossible for the girl to have placed herself on the bed in the manner described.

The potential penalties for indecent assault include significant periods of imprisonment. Our specialist criminal lawyers have the experience to assist people who face these charges.


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