Case facts

Client was charged with sexual assault that occurred more than 20 years ago when he was a juvenile. Despite the very late complaint, the client pleaded guilty because he admitted the sexual act took place and the victim could not legally consent at that time due to her age.

23 years after the offence, he received a Provisional Order for Restitution from Victims Services for the full amount of $50,000.


Case result

A Notice of Objection to the Provisional Order was filed in accordance with the Rules and identifying the relevant grounds of objection. A date for the recovery proceedings was subsequently set. After careful preparation, we attended the Tribunal and negotiated a significant reduction by 80% to the original amount sought. To have been ordered to pay $50,000 at this time in his life would have been grossly unfair.

The $40,000 reduction was achieved by negotiation and without the need to go to hearing – although we were well prepared. We offered our client a fixed fee so that he knew precisely what his legal costs would be. Experience was a key factor in achieving such a good result.


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