Case Facts:

A group of young men forced another young man that they knew to get into the car they were in and drive to an ATM where that man was threatened into handing over his PIN. Two of the young men shared the money stolen. The victim was released unharmed.

The victim went to the police and identified the four men in the car. Our client was subsequently arrested and interviewed. He told police that two of the men in the car spoke of going to rob the victim. When they returned to the car from the ATM, they gave the client and other man some money to keep them quiet. He faced police charges of Robbery and had to attend the local court, eventually having to go to the Sydney District Court.


Case Result:

The appropriate charge was not robbery, but accessory after the fact to robbery, by driving away with the men and taking some of the proceeds of crime. He subsequently pleaded guilty to being an Accessory After the Fact To Robbery. His early plea of guilty and the lesser role that he played, as well as his assistance to authorities, enabled him to receive a suspended prison sentence in the District Court.

This result was achieved by one our accredited criminal lawyer specialists involved in protracted plea bargain negotiations. Robbery potentially carries a prison sentence of up to 14 years. Do not take risks with your future – if you are facing such serious charges, seek our specialist legal advice immediately.


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