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What cases are heard in Supreme Court of New South Wales?

The Supreme Court of New South Wales is the highest court in NSW. It can hear civil matters and hears the most serious criminal matters.

The Supreme Court also has appellate jurisdiction, meaning it can hear appeals for civil and criminal matters. The criminal matters are heard by the Court of Criminal Appeal and the civil matters are heard by the Court of Appeal.

The criminal cases heard at the Supreme Court are only the most serious offences such as murder, manslaughter, major drug related charges and Commonwealth prosecutions for serious breaches of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). The Supreme Court can also hear bail applications in relation to cases in the Court or in other courts.

The Supreme Court typically hears cases regarding claims that are above $750,000. It hears claims relating to all areas of civil law including breach of contract, professional negligence, personal injury, personal injury claims and defamation.

Other matters that can be heard in the Supreme Court include:

  • Equity matters – these are civil law matters relating to equity law and can include cases relating to corporations, property, succession and various commercial matters.
  • Administrative law – these are matters involving a legal challenge to decisions of Government Ministers, officials and organisations.
  • Appeals of Local Court and Children’s Court decisions.

The Supreme Court also hears appeals for both criminal and civil matters that were heard at the District Court. It is possible to appeal a Supreme Court decision regarding a criminal matter to the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

The NSW Supreme Court and the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal are combined in the same Court House and have the same contact details.

Supreme Court List

Court Lists tell you the date, time and location of court matters up to three weeks in the future, and one week in the past.

The NSW interactive court list allows you to search for a particular case by name, case number, location, date, jurisdiction, title of presiding officer and type of listing (for example, directions, hearing, judgment and so on).

You can use the interactive list to search for the listing of your matter at the Supreme Court of NSW.

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We also attend all other courts throughout NSW and the ACT.

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