Case facts

New Years Eve: 3 ecstasy tablets and some marijuana – 2 charges of Possess Prohibited Drug. Client had just applied for permanent residency in Australia and was about to apply for the job of his dreams. A condition of employment meant that he would have needed to disclose any criminal convictions. He was desperate and realised that his future was in real jeopardy. He had made a mistake and what seemed recreational at the time was far from that when he received a court attendance notice.

The potential penalties include 2 years gaol and a fine of up to $2,200 as well as a criminal conviction.


Case result

We appeared for him at the local court and tendered a number of excellent references and made lengthy submissions, stressing how much was at stake for this client. After a real lecture from the Magistrate about the dangers of using illicit substances to the client, the offence was proved but no conviction was recorded upon him entering into a good behaviour bond under section 10 for a period of 12 months.


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