A note sent to one of our Criminal Defence solicitors:

I have been meaning to thank you however my workload  has been extremely heavy.

I appreciate all the effort you have put into my case at such short notice. Just to recap – my case was dropped by another expert solicitor right at the last hour. My last day for appeal was Wed 4th November. On the morning of that day the solicitors who were engaged with me for 3/4 weeks prior, advised me that they didn’t think I had a chance of getting off and decided to tell me that they didn’t wish to waste my money. Guess that’s a polite way of saying “see you later”

You on the other hand responded with amazing speed and professionalism at 3.40 PM the same day – in understanding and assessing my situation, getting appeal docs completed and lodged on time – all within say 18 minutes. You displayed amazing empathy in handling my case. You represent your company very professionally, I wish there were more professionals such as yourself.

Thank you so much