INTERPOL Red Notices

The International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) provides a shared database and communication channel to police forces from various countries. This international cooperation allows for assistance in circulating information about wanted persons.Interpol Red Notice

A Red Notice is an electronic alert published by the INTERPOL General Secretariat seeking the detention, arrest or general restriction of movement of a wanted person, and is often used to detain a person for the purpose of extradition.

Generally, a Red Notice is issued at the request of a National Central Bureau (NCB), which is the outward-facing branch of a country’s law enforcement that liaises with INTERPOL and other international police departments.

It is one of seven different colour notices that can be issued by INTERPOL. These include Blue Notices, which seek information in relation to a person’s identity or their connection to a crime, and Yellow Notices, which are aimed at locating missing persons. However, Red Notices are overwhelmingly the most frequent type of notice issued by INTERPOL.

It is the issue of a Red Notice which places a person onto INTERPOL’s internationally notorious “Most Wanted” list. In order to obtain a Red Notice, a duly authorised arrest warrant must have been issued in accordance with the laws of the country seeking the creation of the Red Notice.


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