RTA admits speed camera at fault

June 19, 2010, AAP

Nearly 400 Sydney drivers will have fines returned and demerit points wiped out after the Roads and Traffic Authority admitted a faulty camera was randomly snapping cars.

The fixed digital school zone camera on the Kingsway at Miranda took photos of cars outside school zone times, and as a result incorrectly fined drivers for speeding, The Daily Telegraph says.

“Last week the RTA detected a timing error at the school zone speed camera on the Kingsway at Miranda, affecting speeding offences from May 23 to June 11 inclusive,” the RTA said on Friday.

“The timer on the school zone speed camera was out of sync due to a software error, which meant some motorists were being incorrectly detected for speeding.”

There were almost 400 penalty notices, worth about $49,000, issued to motorists during the period the camera was faulty.

“The RTA has asked the State Debt Recovery Office to withdraw the 380 penalties issued to motorists at this location during the time of the error,” the spokeswoman said.

The RTA said it was the first time such an error had taken place, but the technology downfall was similar to a faulty sensor on a camera that recorded incorrect speeds earlier this year.

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