Nyman Gibson Miralis – international / transnational criminal law experts

Nyman Gibson Miralis specialises in cases where there has been international police co-operation, including cases where the death penalty may be imposed.

This involves having a deep understanding of the practical ways in which law enforcement bodies assist each other from the evidence gathering phase through to prosecution.

Nyman Gibson Miralis have developed strategies to ensure that your case is expertly handled if you are the subject of an international investigation.

Nyman Gibson Miralis transnational defence lawyers have worked around the globe with legal experts to protect the human rights of those caught up in the criminal justice system. Our Criminal Defence Lawyers regularly travel internationally to Asia, the United States of America and Europe to advise clients about the law and their rights.

Nyman Gibson Miralis has developed expertise in working internationally to protect the rights of those who are exposed to punishment both in Australia and other jurisdictions and are able to advise on the most appropriate legal strategy to ensure that due process is followed in accordance with the rule of law, including the observance of human rights.

Transnational/international criminal law is complex and requires the assistance of lawyers skilled both in its practice and procedure and unique dynamics.