Case facts

Client seen by police to be speaking with other males outside the after party venue to the Gay Mardi Gras.  During the discussion he was seen to take possession of a bag and put it down his pants. Based on these observations, and the number of ecstasy tablets later found by police when the client was searched, police were inclined to charge our client with supply prohibited drug.


Case result

We were able to establish that our client had taken possession of the parcel of ecstasy tablets to carry or ferry them into the venue at the request of the true owner. Possession of the drugs under those circumstances is not drug supply – merely possession. The client pleaded guilty to possess prohibited drug and the supply drug charge was withdrawn.  He was placed on a good behaviour bond.  this result was brought about by virtue of our criminal defence lawyer having such a good understanding of the technical nature of drug possession and drug supply. If you are merely handed goods to give to another person, it does not necessarily constitute drug supply, and may depend on the quantity of drug that you are handing over and your knowledge of that quantity and that it was a drug.


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