Yeabee Kim


Phone: (02) 9264 8884

Office: Sydney

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Yeabee Kim graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences, and a Juris Doctor degree.

During her Juris Doctor degree, Yeabee has volunteered at the ‘Not Guilty Project’ at the University of Sydney where she was responsible for reviewing criminal cases, conducting extensive legal and psychological research, and writing review reports. Yeabee continues to volunteer at the project as a Case Analyst.

Since working at Nyman Gibson Miralis, Yeabee has assisted in various cases. She has extensively participated in a lengthy and complex historical sexual assault trial by conducting research and drafting various complex legal submissions.

As a paralegal, Yeabee assists Mr Miralis in complex matters such as drug importation, proceeds of crime, white collar crimes and assets forfeiture proceedings.