Case facts

Our client had driven whilst drunk for the 5th time – one High Range PCA, one Low Range PCA and this was his third Mid Range PCA. At the time he was driving he had his wife and three children in the car. He had previously had a Community Service Order for Mid Range Drink Driving. This offence carries 9 months imprisonment and a $2200 fine as a maximum penalty.


Case result

We successfully argued that any form of custodial sentence would be inappropriate. Our client was convicted and sentenced to a section 9 Good Behaviour Bond for two years and a fine. Despite the fact it was his 5th drink driving offence our solicitor successfully argued that his disqualification should be reduced to just 9 months as he had a strong need for a licence. His suspension was backdated to take into account the time he had already spent off the road so he will be eligible to apply for a new licence in less than 6 months from the date of court.


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