Case facts

Our client was required to undergo a breath analysis, and a blood alcohol content of 0.099 was recorded. Our client’s driver’s licence was immediately suspended.

Although our client’s blood alcohol content was sufficiently high enough for him to be charged with Mid Range PCA, we argued that this was his first offence. Our client had been driving for more than 16 years with a good traffic record, and had no other criminal record. He was required to have a driver’s licence to properly undertake his employment.


Case result

As a result of our submissions, our client was granted leniency and no conviction was recorded, despite the relatively high blood alcohol content.

Our specialist traffic lawyers at Nyman Gibson Miralis frequently face similar factual circumstances, but are often able to successfully argue that the client deserves leniency and no conviction should be recorded against them.

In our experience, a driver with a lengthy record of safe driving is more likely to be released with no conviction, even on more serious charges, than somebody with little driving experience or a poor driving history.


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