Case Study – Criminal Lawyers Sydney and Parramatta Offices – Criminal Offence – Criminal Matter – Exceed Speed over 45 km/h – Suspended Driving – Drive with Mobile Phone – traffic penalties – local court – guilty plea – section 10

Nyman Gibson Miralis Criminal Lawyers

Penrith Local Court

Represented by Solicitor.

Case Facts

The client was suspended by police for speeding over 45km/h. He was caught driving a few weeks later by police whilst suspended and also on his mobile phone. He was charged with driving suspended and driving with mobile phone.

The client was facing a criminal conviction, 12 month minimum disqualification, the risk of imprisonment and a significant fine.

Case Result

After detailed submissions by the solicitor, the Magistrate dealt with the matter by way of s10 and did not record a conviction for the driving whilst suspended. The client was extremely happy as he avoided a criminal conviction and was not disqualified. A small fine was imposed for the driving with his mobile phone matter.

The solicitor is a criminal defence lawyer working from our Parramatta office.  Like all of our defence team, he can be contacted 24/7 for urgent legal advice.