Drink Driving Offence Lawyers

Being charged with a drink driving offence can be very stressful, particularly if you rely heavily on your ability to drive and face a loss of licence.

Our drink driving lawyers can provide advice on whether you may be able to avoid a conviction and be granted leniency, whether your blood alcohol reading can be challenged, and otherwise help you prepare for your court date in order to get the best possible outcome in your circumstances.

Here are the main drink driving offences. You can also see our quick tips for more information about each drink driving offence.

Low Range PCA

This applies if police pull you over and your blood alcohol concentration is between 0.05 and 0.079. The penalty imposed will depend on whether this is your first offence, but may include a fine and mandatory disqualification from driving.

More information about Low Range PCA

Mid Range PCA

You may be charged with this offence if you have a blood alcohol concentration ranging between 0.08 and 0.149. The type of penalties are similar to low range PCA, but are more severe.

More information about Mid Range PCA

High Range PCA

If you have driven with a blood alcohol content of greater than 0.150, you will likely be charged with High Range PCA. You face possible incarceration, and a licence disqualification for between three to five years.

More information about High Range PCA

Novice Range Drink Driving

This offence covers those who are required to have a zero blood alcohol concentration but measure between 0 and 0.019. You are most likely to be charged with this offence if you are a learner or p-plate driver or are driving without a valid licence.

More information about Novice Range Drink Driving

Special Range Drink Driving

This offence is limited to those who are required to have either a zero or a special alcohol limit while driving, but are found to have a blood alcohol concentration between 0.02 and 0.049. This generally applies to p-platers, bus drivers or taxi drivers.

More information about Special Range Drink Driving

Driving under the influence (DUI)

Unlike the PCA-related offences, the charge of driving under the influence (DUI) doesn’t require you to have undergone a breath analysis. If you are charged with driving under the influence, then police or other witnesses will have observed that you appeared to be intoxicated.

More information about Driving under the influence (DUI)

Drug driving

This offence relates to the consumption of drugs, including driving under the influence, or failure to submit to drug tests. There are various penalties which may be imposed.

More information about Drug driving

Refuse Breath Test or Analysis

You can be charged with this offence if you have failed a breath test and then refuse to submit to a further breath analysis.

More information about Refuse breath analysis

Heavy vehicle drink driving

If you are driving a bus or a truck (a vehicle exceeding a gross vehicle weight of more than 13.9 tonnes) then you are required to have a lower blood alcohol content of 0.02.

More information about Heavy vehicle drink driving

What happens next with your drink driving charge?

At Nyman Gibson Miralis, our traffic lawyers can provide you with advice and act on your behalf to maximise your chances of successfully defending a charge of drink driving. We provide urgent criminal legal advice 24/7 for all drink driving offences. Our drink driving lawyers and accredited specialist solicitor are available now for your call.

We have offices in both Sydney and Parramatta CBDs, yet our reputation for excellence as drink driving lawyers sees us travel to all courts in NSW – **Courts that we attend**

Some of our drink driving solicitors in Sydney and Parramatta are lecturers at the Traffic Offender Intervention Program, and all of our driving offence lawyers practice exclusively in criminal law.

We will advise you of the potential penalties, as well as give you a realistic opinion as to the likely result when you go to court. Your first conference is free, and we will discuss with you the costs of legal representation.

Not only will our criminal lawyers do everything possible to get you the best result, to avoid disqualification if possible, and minimise the fines or sentence, we might even be able to assist you in avoiding a conviction with a Section 10!