Case facts

The client attended a music festival, and a drug detection dog gave an indication to its police officer handler that our client may be in possession of prohibited drugs. The accused was then searched and found to be in possession of 6 ecstasy tablets. The client worked in government, and therefore needed to avoid the imposition of a conviction, or else this would have had brought his employment into jeopardy. The client entered a plea of guilty at the first available opportunity and the matter proceeded before the Downing Centre Local Court for sentence.


Case result

Matter dismissed pursuant to section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act, conditional upon the client entering into a bond to be of good behaviour for a period of 12 months. Submissions were made as to why the client’s prior good character, community involvements through local sporting organisations, charitable work, and the circumstances of the offence justified leniency. This submission was accepted, and it was determined by the Magistrate that placing a person of otherwise excellent character onto a good behaviour bond pursuant to section 10, was a substantive penalty that would nevertheless satisfy the need for deterrence of offences of this nature.


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