Criminal Defence Lawyer Dennis Miralis at our Sydney OfficeDennis, I saw you on TV talking about the revenue raising speed cameras on King Georges Road and I knew straight away that you were the only man for the job. The blatant unfairness of the RTA in extending the school zone without bothering to tell anyone and then installing speed cameras without putting up signs demonstrates their absolute arrogance. Continue to stick it to them Dennis. We need more people like you standing up for our rights.

Dennis Miralis took on the RTA over the Lane Cove Tunnel fiasco. Thousands of infringment notices were withdrawn.

Then came the 2 cameras on King Georges Road at Beverly Hills – the RTA extended a school zone without notice and installed speed cameras, again without notice. Some people received more than a dozen infringement notices and would have lost their licence and perhaps their ability to earn an income. Dennis stepped up again and thousands more tickets were withdrawn – many of them without us even having to go to Court.