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17th July 2016
Nyman Gibson Miralis Criminal Defence Lawyers 2/154 Marsden Street Parramatta NSW 2150Mina Wassef - Criminal Defence Lawyer

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to express my gratitude to Mina Wassef, Solicitor, who represented my son Gavin through his recent legal issues.

As a parent I have previously had little experience with the law and once Mina was engaged he was able to guide us through the process. Mina’s knowledge of the law and experience meant that he was able to suggest options for my son to help get him on a pathway to recovery. This included getting him onto the Merit Program and later in to rehabilitation. It was a very long process through the courts for Gavin, but Mina was constantly in touch, keeping us informed and he showed great understanding for the difficulties we were facing as parents.

Once again I would like to thank Mina for his experience and professionalism in dealing with my family, but also his personal style which made us feel that our case really mattered, and finally that Mina was able to achieve for us the legal outcome that we had hoped for.

Yours sincerely,
Naomi, Ermington NSW 2115

Hi my name is Tina and I am writing to thank Mina Wassef for representing me through court on my defense.

Mina was excellent at communicating to me all information required and keeping me informed.

Mina was also effective at ensuring i understood the procedure that was involved.

My great gratitude goes to Mina and team at Nyman Gibson Lawyers for their outstanding professionalism and proactive work. The outcome of court was outstanding and i could not have asked for a more better finding and all thanks to Mina for his great admission and work.

I would highly recommend Mina and team of Nyman Gibson Lawyers to anyone in the future for assistance with any court proceeding.

Thankyou again, I am so pleased.

Kind Regards


Dear Dennis Miralis and Phillip Gibson,

I was charged, and pled guilty, to driving with a Middle Range Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol on 15-Mar-2016. The offence stemmed from my terrible decision to drive home following a business dinner with an overseas customer.

I contacted your firm and Mr. Mina Wassef spoke to me, I consider myself very lucky to have spoken to Mina Wassef who was very helpful in

a) Reviewing my last case from your firm’s records
b) Advising required steps to move forward based on my situation

In court yesterday he was very impressive and I found him to be exceptional in his Strategy, Tactics and Presentation to the Judge.

We got the best result, much better than what I was expecting and have no doubt this was due to the exceptional work and professionalism of Mr. Mina Wassef.

Once again I would like to thank your firm for supporting me in this matter, and especially Mr Mina Wassef and the other staff who assisted him.


SS, Blacktown


Mr Dennis Miralis and Mr Phillip Gibson

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your law firm for your appreciated help when I needed it most. I was charged for drive with illicit substance in system 2nd offence. On the night of 8th December 2015 I sent an enquiry for this matter and within minutes Mr Mina Wassef called me back which was fantastic and made me confident to enter the journey with him.

I would like to announce it was a major success! I received an unlikely section 10 b as I got one for the first offence. I could not thank Mina Wassef enough as this has really put me back on the front foot after a tough 6 months. He guided me in many ways that he thought would help at court and for that I am grateful.

In saying this I would HIGHLY recommend Mina Wassef to any client with a traffic matter. I don’t want to be back but if I ever did, I would personally ask for him.

Thank you, Mina Wassef and Nyman Gibson and Miralis for an absolute amazing outcome.

Yours truly,
NR, Macquarie Fields

Good evening Mina,

Thank you for passing on those details and assisting me once again today.

I really couldn’t walk away without giving you the recognition that you deserve. You are truly an angel. I really don’t know how I can express this email and cover all the support you have provided me with because everything you have done thus far is innumerable however I will try.

Mina from the bottom of my heart I would like to say, thank you so much for assisting me in my matter. It was truly a blessing in disguise making contact with you after requesting your business card at your presentation at the traffic offenders program in Parramatta . It was definitely the best choice I have made in a long time.

When you had initially met me ,I was facing so many obstacles in my personal life, some which I had the courage to express to you later on down the track. And some which are still ongoing today.For example, the long time difficulty I’d had finding employment which forced me to take the arduous road into the finance industry given It was already in a very precarious sector to work in.

The issues of person(s) misusing my ID and problems I’ve had rectifying the matter over the years.The fact that I was assisting my mother and broken family with a brother who has a severe mental illness.The issues I was having at work due to the legislation changes in the finance industry and the takeover by the ASX-listed firm which completely off-balanced my already stressful working conditions resulting in myself and many of my colleagues fighting tooth and nail to try to retain our positions. The breakdown of my relationship with my supportive partner and the financial burden I had from my court cases.

In addition, I was handling all this while also being someone who had in the past been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder which didn’t help my situation at all. There is just too much to name but simply put I was in a very bad way.

Mina the way you handled my matter was with the highest level of professionalism and integrity I have ever experienced from anybody in a very long time, I’m even confident enough say “ever” to be honest. Your genuine compassion for my case and the advice you offered me and the courage you instilled in me to fight through till the end was moving and I will always be grateful for that. You gave me hope when I really thought there wasn’t any. You went absolutely above and beyond to ensure my matter was heard in utmost fairness. And as you saw, the final case you presented to the magistrate completely moved me and rendered me to tears in the courtroom.

I just could not believe how you were able to empathise with my situation and stand up for me the way you did. The points you raised were accurate, thoroughly assessed and organic. It was remarkable. And although that day had a lot of negative implications surrounding; it being my sentencing day, I walked away feeling positive and knowing you did the best you could within your means to assist me.

You assisted me in a moment in my life where I didn’t expect any help from anybody especially a stranger. To me, that speaks volumes of the type of character you possess and the type of person you are. It speaks through your work and engagement with your clients and l am honored for everything you have done. I am also appreciative that you continue to express genuine concern for me and are willing to assist me with all my enquiries I may have.

As I expressed today, things are looking brighter for me now, I have since left my previous employer and found a company that is very promising and much more stable in regard to the long term, I have resolved a lot of the issues with my partner and I am on the slow road to recovery after the last couple of months of both court cases which I will admit did take a toll on me.

Things are not perfect yet Mina,however based on the final advice you gave me to keep fighting and moving forward I can really say things are so much better.

Thank you again and I would like to get in contact with you somewhere in the near future to let you know how things are going . However next time I will ensure it will not be under the same circumstances you’d initially met me in.

All the best and good luck with your future.



Haberfield, NSW

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