Police Body Camera on Tactical Vest for Officers

Police Body Cams: Is Seeing Actually Believing?

Police Body Camera on Tactical Vest for Officers   Nyman Gibson Miralis | 14.09.2015   TOPIC: Police Body Cams   Keywords: Police, Technology As technology leaps ahead, we’re seeing multiple new ways of capturing both images and sound. In police work, this capability has manifested most recently in the introduction of body cams – small cameras…

Police siren

Failing to Stop for NSW Police: What’s the Law?

Police Siren: A signal for motorists to stop   Criminal Defence Lawyer | 11.09.2015   TOPIC: Failing to stop   Keywords: Driving, Overview, Traffic Offence   A vehicle failing to stop for police can certainly raise heated discussion in the community. This is especially so where high-speed pursuit, danger and accidents are involved. Traffic offence lawyers…

Taking fingerprints to card

What rights do I have if I am taken into police custody?

Police Custody: Taking fingerprints to card   Rajiv Baldeo | 01.05.2015   TOPIC: Police Custody   Keywords: Custody, Rights, Law, Procedure   Where are the rights found? The rights of a person in police custody are set out in Part 9 of the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 (LEPRA). It applies to every person…